Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Dorothea Dix Speech

Most of this is her quotes, I had to write as if I was her. This will be deleted.

People of New England,

I proceed briefly to call your attention to the present state of the insane prisoners confined within this Commonwealth of 1843", especially the ones here in Massachusetts. Growing up I had to take care of my depressed mother and I have been inspired to make the lives of criminals and the mentally ill better. These mentally ill people are "in cages,closets, cellars, stall and pens! Chained naked and beaten with rods and lashed into obedience!" These people need better care, they need to be examined and given the right treatment, no locked in cages like animals. Let me remind you that these prisoners are human. They still have the same rights. In the Declaration Of Independence we quote “all men are created equal” and I stand by those words, so why are the insane not being treated as such?. “Society, during the last hundred years, has been alternately perplexed and encouraged, respecting the two great questions --how shall the criminal and pauper be disposed of, in order to reduce crime and reform the criminal on the one hand, and, on the other, to diminish pauperism and restore the pauper to useful citizenship?” and I believe that the only way to do this is to not “dispose of them” but to create a new life for the sick people of New England. They should be kept in a clean warm facility, not in a cold cage where they are forgotten and later found dead.

For example I traveled to “Newburyport. Visited the almshouse in June. Eighty inmates. Seven insane, one idiotic.  Two very improperly situated, namely, an insane man, not considered incurable, in an out-building, whose room opened upon what was called "the dead room," affording, in lieu of companionship with the living, a contemplation of corpses. The other subject was a woman in a cellar. I desired to see her. Much reluctance was shown. The master of the house stated that she was in the cellar; that she was dangerous to be approached. I descended the stairs from within. My conductor proceeded to remove a padlock, while my eye explored the wide space in quest of the poor woman. All for a moment was still. But judge my horror and amazement, when a door to a closet beneath the staircase was opened, revealing in the imperfect light a female apparently wasted to a skeleton, partially wrapped in blankets, furnished for the narrow bed on which she was sitting. Her countenance furrowed, not by age, but suffering, was the image of distress. In that contracted space, unlighted, unventilated, she poured forth the wailings of despair. Mournfully she extended her arms and appealed to me: "Why am I consigned to hell?” “"I do not consider it right, just, or humane, to hold for safe keeping, in the county jails and houses of correction, persons classing as lunatics or idiots. Our prisons are not constructed with a view to the proper accommodation of this class of persons.” While we diminish the stimulant of fear, we must increase to prisoners the incitements of hope so I urge you think of the facts and the people of Boston

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

50 Song Shuffle Update

Soo here is an update from my last post on 50 songs that come up on my ipod (in order of shuffle)

  1. Hey Hey - Superchick
  2. I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson
  3. Love is Dead - Kerli
  4. Dominate - Emilie Autumn
  5. Misery Business - Paramore 
  6. Exordium - Black Veil Brides
  7. God Bless You - Black Veil Brides
  8. Decode - Paramore
  9. Tigerlily- La Roux 
  10. Second Hand Faith - Emilie Autumn
  11. Rock Show - Lady Gaga
  12. Gunpowder and Lead - Miranda Lambert
  13. Cross the Line - Superchick
  14. Beautiful People (from "Burlesque") - Christina Aguilera
  15. Her Name is Alice - Shinedown
  16. Poker Face - Lady Gaga
  17. Getting Ready - Miranda Lambert
  18. Chambermaid - Emilie Autumn
  19. Ever - Emilie Autumn
  20. Never Say Never - Justin Bieber ( I really need to get rid of this song)
  21. Liar - Emilie Autumn
  22. Chokehold - Adam Lambert
  23. Arise - Flyleaf
  24. Warzone - The Wanted
  25. How To Break A Heart (poem) - Emilie Autumn
  26. Cameo Lover - Kimbra
  27. Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd
  28. You and I - Lady Gaga
  29. Crazy Ex- Girlfriend - Miranda Lambert
  30. I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  31. Perfect Weapon - Black Veil Brides
  32. Done For You - Black Veil Brides
  33. Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
  34. Never Close Our Eyes - Adam Lambert
  35. Sleep - My Chemical Romance
  36. Rock What You Got - Superchick
  37. Album Out Takes - Emilie Autumn
  38. Shadows Die - Black Veil Brides
  39. Hell On Heels - Pistol Annies
  40. Hair - Lady Gaga
  41. I Am Bulletproof - Black Veil Brides
  42. Tea Party - Kerli
  43. Judas - Lady Gaga
  44. Bloody Mary - Lady Gaga
  45. If I Burn - Emilie Autumn
  46. The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne
  47. Don't Blame Me - Emilie Autumn
  48. Mama - My Chemical Romance
  49. Set Apart This Dream - Flyleaf
  50. Zero Gravity - Kerli

My Chemical Romance-Never Forgotten

Oh my it has been 3 months since I posted last. School has been crazy.

Anyway, one of my favorite (or my favorite) bands broke up exactly 1 month ago MCR (My Chemical Romance.) I first listened to them a while ago, maybe when I was 8 or 9 which is when Black Parade had come out and I listened to Welcome To The Black Parade a lot. From then lets skip ahead another 5 years when I rediscovered them again and fell in love all over again too. They started in 2001 and ended in 2013 (March 23rd) The final line-up was
  • Gerard Way-Vocals 
  •  Frank Iero- Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals 
  •  Ray Toro- Lead Guitar, backing vocals 
  •  Mikey Way- Bassist, backing vocals

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love - 2002
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - 2004
The Black Parade - 2006
The Black Parade is Dead! (Live album) - 2008
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys - 2010
Conventional Weapons (Series of singles) - 2012

Videos Order (Top to Bottom):

Welcome to the Black Parade (Black Parade)
Helena (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Na Na Na (Danger Days)
SING (Danger Days)

    FLAG Music Video Has Arrived!


    I am very happy to announce that Emilie Autumn's first music video has come out today! It is for her newish single Fight Like A Girl, now I am not going to give anything away except that is like a mini movie and I enjoyed it very much, it was also nice to see Ulorin Vex, Veronica and Captain Maggot be in it as well. If you have read her book The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, this video sums up about less than 1/10 of the book, however it has a great story line and I hope to see more music videos soon!

    Watch it here: FLAG MUSIC VIDEO


    Sunday, December 2, 2012

    Michael Jackson: King of Pop

    Hey all!

    Did any of you watch Bad25 on ABC a few week ago??? I did. I thought it was a great documentary about the songs and making of Michael Jackson's Bad album's 25th anniversary. So since then I have been really into MJ and have listened to soooo much of his music. As I kept looking at documentaries about his life I realized that as he got older the stress really started to set in, especially months before his final concert. This is really too bad because he was an amazing man and singer who will always be remembered. I know that he was not perfect, and his childhood was awful but through it all he still made great music, through the media, lies, and all other problems. Ir was really too bad that he had to go so young and he will always be remembered.

    Also on a bit of a happier note, as of now MJ is on the top for being voted Most Famous Person of 2013!!! Spread the word (as you would the plague) and VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Here:

    And I got MJ's CD Number Ones!!! EXITED!!!

    Love from the Asylum, Ashley