Monday, July 11, 2011


Opheliac is a word that discribes the character Ophelia from Hamlet. Ophelia goes into a state of madness, and from where Emilie created the word Opheliac to describe her madness or insanity. So Autumn's album Opheliac is about getting out of that madness or as you hear often in the album "sea level, water rising" so to prevent that from happening. Autumn explained herself that she never thought so many people could relate to this album. I guess some can. This album was first released as a EP in 2006 and in that same year in came out as a regular album. In 2009 in was released again as a Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks.

Photos 1 3 and are from 2009, photo 2 is from 2006 and photos 3 and 4 is both albums plus packaging

You Sugar Sits Untouched


Emilie Autumn's Your Sugar Sits Untouched is a "tea time" poetry album. They are all obviously written by her and have numerous meaning to them, this depends on how you interpret the poem. My personal favorite is How To Break A Heart. This was released in 2005

How to break a heart
It is not difficult
Anyone can do it
So could you, if you tried
Just find a light
And switch it off
As easy as blinking
That's what I was taught
When I was too young to ask
By ladies in white nightgowns
In dripping weeds and black ribbons
A girl's best friend is a small handgun
The question was useless
For I could say yes
But you've got to ask my army
And they are not inclined to grant favours just now

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Emilie Autumn came out with a album called Enchant. Personally this is much more different than any other album released. It is hard to explain the music but it is all beautiful. I love "What If" and "Juliet" the most. They tell stories that really touch you. This was released in 2001 and only was releasing 3,000 copies of it. There is another Enchant album also by Autumn and it was a debut album of 2002 and was limited edition.

Emilie Autumn Laced Unlaced

The Laced-Unlaced album consists of all instrumental tracks played by Emilie herself. The instruments played included violin, electric violin, harpsichord  guitar and piano. The Laced side of the album is more tradition classical music while the Unlaced side is more hard core electric violin pieces. This album came out in 2007.