Thursday, October 27, 2011

NEW story

So I have been messing around with stories in my LA class and I came up with one while writing for a prompt. Here is the beginning:

It was the voice that was inside my head. Talking to me again. Telling me, I should be scared of what is to come. Just as it came, it left again, being drowned out by the rain hitting the top of the carriage and streaming down the windows like fresh tears. Where I was going I did not know. All the maid had told me was to put on my Sunday clothes and pack my suitcase. I could see nothing outside now, just fog and the reflection of my lace dress. Before I left I was given a book with no title nor author, a doll that was my mother’s and a small gold pocket-watch.

As we slowed it a stop, it seemed like time had stopped too. It was dark now, and the only light in the carriage was a lamp hanging above, candle inside flickering but not yet going out. I sat like a stone statue, only hearing my breathing. I opened the pocket-watch beside me, 8:30 pm. I stared at it for a minute or two, then closed the lid with a “snap!”

The driver opened the door for me as I was lead out into complete darkness, I could not even see an inch from my face. The only light was a crescent moon glowing like an angels halo in the sky. Then I saw the house in front of me.

1 comment:

  1. Great start to your story, Ashley!
    There *are* some grammatical and spelling errors, but I won't point those out in fear of annoying you. Anyways, great job and I'd love to hear more! Don't take it down just because in fear of copyright like you did the last one, please.