Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok, here is the lowdown, I want to dye my hair and make some changes to my life/look this summer. For about a month now I have been loving this black nail polish I got, so that is going to stick around for a while :) but I am going to dye my hair (parts) a different color (I have no idea if I have told you this) Ok so I was inspired by EA in the beginning when I first wanted to dye my hair. Who isn't inspired by her? oh yah all the haters.....anyway since she has died the crap out of her hair and is now blond, red is out of the picture. My second option is blue, like a BRIGHT blue, just highlights. But today as I was listening to The Legacy by the Black Veil Brides (:D) it kinda clicked. "Hey let's just dye my whole head black and call it good! plus I don't have to bleach it!" So right now I am EXTREMELY undecided. 

In looking at young involved in the occult, do you see any particular type of dress? I have personally observed people wearing black finger nails, having their hair painted black, wearing uh, black T-shirts, sometimes they will tattoo themselves"

 -Knives and Pens Video

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  1. I think blue highlights would be really cool! I couldn't really picture you with black hair...In my opinion, blue is the way to go!