Sunday, April 29, 2012


I just got back from JamFest cheerleading and dance competition last night at Six Flags. It was really fun and our team won first place in our division! After we preformed me and a friend went around (at 7:30) at night and went on the tea cup ride :) it was getting late and when we got back the solos and duets were wrapping up. But one thing that really annoyed me throughout this whole experience was that there was a gym with about 40 girls and they were all in separate groups or solos, so most of the awards were given to them. There was a total of about 70 teams there.  But in the end I had a good time and when we got there we had parked way out in the back because there was so many ppl there. So when the awards ended it was around 11 at night. My mom and I thought we would have to walk back to the car (which was a while away) But I had never been so happy to see a shuttle in my life! While on the shuttle I met a girl who was in the Hip-Hop team that won overall. They were amazing and I am really glad they won. It was an amazing experience. Oh also we got home at 1 in the morning and I slept like a rock. Happy Sunday to everyone. :)


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