Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life as a Plague Rat 1

This post, and future ones titled as such will be just rants or anything that is going on in my life. I must explain to you Plague Rats, I hate EA haters that make it public. So yesterday I was searching the internet for pictures of Emilie's FLAG tour and came across a website from a "fan" that put Emilie Autumn confessions of her/his own. One of them said "Emilie is wrapped up in her own lies" and saying that The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls is all lies. This person also said that Emilie sound like s*** live. Well I have to tell you I own the book and seen almost every EA interview out there and done a TON of research, trust me Bethany knows.. and anyway that book is not a lie. Emily may be fiction in her parts of the book but Emilie is real (DUH) and oh I don't know why I am ranting on about this but it got on my nerves last night and I don't like seeing that hate (I do know a lot is there) but I mean posted online where millions (and even Emilie) can see it!! I'm so sorry if I have wasted your time after you have read this but please understand I had get it out.

Anyway on another note I have officially fell in love with Pandora Hearts, PH for short. It is a Japanese anime. Im not going to tell you what it is about but I will tell you why I fell in love with it. It has references with Alice in Wonderland, and yes one of the characters name is Alice who transforms into a giant black rabbit :) B-rabbit for short (Bloodstained Black Rabbit) You can find the volumes in English and watch the show on Hulu, with subtitles.

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  1. Yes, yes I do know. Glad to see you update, by the way! I completely understand--haters are never a good thing. Pandora Hearts definitely sounds interesting, too!