Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wonderland Upside-down

Life is still falling into place for me
I look outside and wonder where my choices will take me
I walk solo
down roads to places I do not know
I scavenge to find myself
Like looking for pieces to finish 
puzzles I would
put together
when I was 4 
I have to start over and over again
with decisions that never go right
Unlacing and re-lacing the corset of my life
Once I think I have it
The corset comes apart and I start over again
Life is not a bed of roses
More like a maze 
Where you never stumble across the end
Until everything is balanced
My Journal is full of waiting fans to see 
What I will bleed onto the paper
each day
My pains and fears leak from my hands into ink
Staining the paper with permanent feelings
I live in a world somewhere else
Where there is nothing
But silence 
and dancing shoes
For now my place is the stage
Where dancing explodes from my feet
melodies erupt from my mouth
and lines of poetry beat from my heart

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