Friday, August 17, 2012

FLAG track reviews

Hello all my Leeches and Plague Rats!

So my own hardcopy of Fight Like A Girl came!

I love it soo much. I do think that if you did not read TAFWVG you would not understand tracks I Don't Understand and Gaslight because of the references to the book. There really is something for everyone's enjoyment in this album. I will explain (going by track number.) I WILL POST ONE REVIEW A DAY!

1. Fight Like A Girl - Keeps a steady beat for the first verse, then picks up at the chorus and a bit before, then changes tune again when the chorus is repeated. These keep going in order throughout the song. I think that this song is very empowering. Showing that you can stand up for yourself and to not be afraid to "fight like a girl." Oh yes then later in the song, the tempo from Misery Loves Company comes in for the lyrics:

"Its so easy to kill,,
this I learned by watching you
If I have to I will
It's not pretty but it's true
I am through lying still
Just a body to be beaten, f*cked  
and if I'm lucky left for dead
so WHO'S scary now?"

Then the lyrics go on about honor and not hiding from the fight. Then directing to her male audience saying:

"Even if your only a boy, you can fight like a girl"

I think this one of my favorite tracks on the album (and my mothers) ;) Check back here later this week for and update on more FLAG track reviews!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice review! I'll be excited to hear more of your thoughts.