Monday, October 22, 2012

FLAG reviews #2

Hey all sorry I have not been posting for a while, I have had a ton of school stuff going on. One thing I want to share is that at the end of this year I am going to PARIS!!!!!!

So I want to talk about track number 5 on FLAG, Take the Pill. My friend is obsessed with this song and I love this as well. I like how in the very beginning of the song it is very raw and does not have a lot of background music. When it gets to the chorus (get back in line. Etc) I was shocked how calm she sound compared to how she sounds in the live shows. When the song continues i love the riff at 2:37. I think it sounds I creepy an kind of changes the feel of that particular verse. My personal favorite part of the song is at the end when its "Don't you want to e sedated?" Bit....reminds me of the part of the book when Emilie is yelling at Dr. Sharpe upstairs.

I hope to be posting more soon, check back later for updates.

From the Asylum,