Sunday, December 2, 2012

Michael Jackson: King of Pop

Hey all!

Did any of you watch Bad25 on ABC a few week ago??? I did. I thought it was a great documentary about the songs and making of Michael Jackson's Bad album's 25th anniversary. So since then I have been really into MJ and have listened to soooo much of his music. As I kept looking at documentaries about his life I realized that as he got older the stress really started to set in, especially months before his final concert. This is really too bad because he was an amazing man and singer who will always be remembered. I know that he was not perfect, and his childhood was awful but through it all he still made great music, through the media, lies, and all other problems. Ir was really too bad that he had to go so young and he will always be remembered.

Also on a bit of a happier note, as of now MJ is on the top for being voted Most Famous Person of 2013!!! Spread the word (as you would the plague) and VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Here:

And I got MJ's CD Number Ones!!! EXITED!!!

Love from the Asylum, Ashley